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Troop 7 is preparing to celebrate our 10th year under the “Troop 7 Buttonwoods” charter. Our membership and program continues to soar. Membership is now at 45 scouts. What appears to be a slight decrease in the numbers is ONLY due to several scouts turning 18 years of age. Over the next six months the numbers will vary as other senior scouts join our adult ranks and we welcome in new scouts.

During July (2004) we were named, “Point Troop of the Week” at Camp Three Point of the Yawgoog Scout Reservation. This was the result of the great teamwork and scout spirit of the 39 scouts who were at camp. They placed first place in the scavenger hunt and costume contest; second place in the dessert baking contest; and third place in the camp road race. Twenty scouts advanced in rank. It should be noted that seventeen of our scouts, of high school age, at camp were either Life or Eagle and could not advance at camp. One Eagle Scout did earn his Gold Palm.

Three scouts earned the BSA Lifeguard Award. This brings the total number of BSA Lifeguards in our troop up to six.

“ A Scout is Reverent” is very important to us. While at camp religious awards were earned by all of the major faiths represented by our membership.

Bishop Mulvee Award and Daily Mass Award (Roman Catholic)
Daily Worship Award (Protestant)
Jewish Scouting Award

This past year we had three new Eagle Scouts. Recently, we were referred to as an “Eagle Factory”. I suppose looking in from the outside one may get that perception. However, from the inside one can see that the program we are offering keeps the young men in our troop. Those who wear the Eagle Badge from Troop 7 are high caliber young men. Anyone who has met them can attest to this. They are leaders among leaders. Our Eagles are college graduates, graduate students, college students, members of our military (3), members of our community’s work force and high school students. They are men and young men that we are very proud of.

One major key to our success is the White Stag Junior Leader Training Program.
Scouts are sent there every year. This past June four of scouts attended the program at Yawgoog. Our junior leaders train those to follow them.

The 2004-05 scouting season will start of with 21 high school students returning to our program!

Our scouts combined with a strong dedicated team of adults and having an outstanding sponsor make up Troop 7 Buttonwoods. We are who we are because of STRONG SCOUT SPIRIT AND TEAMWORK.

CONGRATULATIONS to the Scouts of Troop 7 for all your accomplishments, both at home and at camp!

Mr. Ken Andrade, SM

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